Code editor

Free or cheap
Professional grade
Code in C#
Code offline
Great auto-completion
Powerful debugging
Integration with Unity

Visual Studio Code

It’s free. Say thank you, Microsoft.

Why Visual Studio Code? 
Why not Visual Studio Community? 
How do I set up Unity to work with Visual Studio Code?
What if I want to use Visual Studio Community?

Why Visual Studio Code? 

When it comes to choosing software, I want things to be simple. Creating a game is hard enough as it is, there’s much to learn.  Let’s keep things as simple as possible. “Less is more” applies here.

Visual Studio is a great IDE used by pro devs across the world. Visual Studio Code is it’s free, lightweight yet powerful cousin. It you need an extra feature all you need to do is download one the the great extensions available.

Why not Visual Studio Community? 

The Community Edition is even closer to the full fledged professional Visual Studio IDE. But do I need all this? I not sure. Let’s start with Visual Studio Code and if there’s something I can’t do with it, reassess.

How do I set up Unity to work with Visual Studio Code?

Download and install VS Code then go through the following steps:

  • In Unity
    • Open Unity Preferences
    • Select the External Tools Tab
    • Under External Script Editor browse for Visual Studio Code

Here’s a good place to start for more on Unity Development with VS Code.

You might also need to install .NET Core if you never used C# before.

What if I want to use Visual Studio Community?

Getting started with Visual Studio Tools for Unity

What a great time to be a game developer.

Game engine. Free.
Code editor. Free.
Version control. Free.
Task management tools. Free or Cheap.
Bug trackers. Free or Cheap.
Team chat. Free.
Web hosting. Free or Cheap.
Servers. Cheap.

No excuses. Start making games.

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